A Mocha is not a thing, but an idea. An interesting idea. An idea so interesting it has gained sentience and learned how to use memes to conquer the world.

What is this website?

This website is a collection of several things: my conlangs and conworlds, including latest conworld Namei, collections of information I find useful, and small "what-if?" projects I've worked on. Since my primary fields of interest are mathematics and linguistics, most of the content on this site is either on or inspired by these fields.

Chances are you stumbled across this site either by trying to find my conlangs or by searching something weirdly specific into google that only small esoteric sites like these, in the backalleys of the internet, would have. Please note that I am not a professional anything, and so information found on this site should be used with a heaping tablespoon of salt. In any case, please enjoy your stay.


You can find a more thorough list of likes in my recommendations page, but here are my broad interests:



Favorite artistic works, in a listish:

Okay, really though. What are you?

And before you say "well sounds like you're a...", no, no I'm not. I don't care how you define political groups, I only identify as what I've already listed. As for my views on more specific issues, they usually align with progressivism.

Mocha Described in Quotes

With Commentary

In general I hate quotes, but for the purpose of making a quick list describing myself, there's hardly a more effective way.

Mocha on the Issues

I am far enough left to have been called a commie and far enough right to have been called a fascist. Little do they know, I am a new breed of radical - a comscist! Err... a fascommie? Nah, doesn't work either. Oh well. Degenerate is sufficient.

I update this table as I think of things to add, so yeah, this is not comprehensive or anyshit:

Topics Left?
My Pansy-Ass Middle-of-the-Road Answers
Abortions If it doesn't have documentation, it's not a fuckin person. If the would-parents want it done why the fuck do you care?
Confederate Statues - Local Referenda
Death Penalty I mean, one way it's Immoral and Expensive and the other way it's Expensive, so really everyone should be on board with ditching it. The death penalty is clearly revenge. Not sure how a criminal is supposed to learn their lesson and try to become a productive member of society if they're dead but ok
Drinking Age Keep in mind cigs can be bought at 18
Drug War Idiotic
Enhanced Interrogation You first
Fracking Please consult a seismographic map of Oklahoma before and after the 20th century
Gay Cakes Tough one but just make a law saying businesses can't discriminate based on an innate personal characteristic. I mean we already have this law for race, like is it really a big issue to add just gender identity/sexual orientation to that?
Gay Marriage Dude did u even read my fuckin bio
Gun Control Because someone planning to commit murder definitely gives a shit about the legality of firearms, right? And guns are definitely the only tool ever used to commit mass-murders.
Fighting ISIS - As fun as whack-a-mole is I think I'd rather sit this game out
It should be illegal to say X Let's start with your words first
Net Neutrality Yeah sure, I'd love to be charged extra and fucked over even more by the most hated companies in America.
Racism, Sexism, ... I am against discrimination in all forms.
Russia Hacked the Election No, and here's why.
Should Misgendering be Illegal And let their bigotry be heard throughout the halls, and may they draw hatred unto their dumb fuckin ass, that this douche be a fuckin retard. Amen.
Syrian Refugees - Assign them to communities who are fine with Syrian refugees in their community.
Vaccines See 'herd immunity'
Voter ID There is no legitimate reason a citizen legally able to vote does not have any ID. You need an ID to do just about anything as an adult. If you are claiming POC/whatever don't have IDs then you're claiming they're all homeless and jobless, which aside from being extremely racist is also utter crap.
Voting / Electoral Reform - I couldn't care less about the electoral college, just give me ranked choice
Weed Tax it, check it, ship it in a tin,
throw those dumb laws in the fuckin bin
Women in Draft - You want equality, you get equality

REAL Unpopular Opinions (READY YOUR ANUS)

(Moved here due to space concerns)

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