Etymological "Holy shit, no way!"-s

Did you know that...
... bichon is related to bitch?
I mean, I guess it's not too surprising, but...
... cane is one of a handful of English words from Sumerian?
... all definitions of check derive from its use in chess?
Yes, all of them.
... crap is related to crop?
The original definition was "grain husk" which devolved into "something of crap quality" and finally into crap, which is pretty crappy.
... faggot is related to fascist?
Both are descended from Latin fascis 'bundle of sticks', whence also the English loan fasces, the proper term for the bundle.
... the name of # (hash) is related to hatchet?
Both come for the Old French for axe.
... rudder is derived from a suffixed form of row?
The term used to refer to both oars and rudders, but gradually narrowed to just meaning 'rudder'.