I made this language since I was curious how a language influenced by lambda calculus would look. Nothing too new or exciting, but I prefer the grammar of this language over lojban, at least. Not designed to be practical, just designed to be usable.


word x1 x2 ... xn
main nominal definition, other definition, another definition, keywords, translations, etc
x1 verbs x2
a x1
your x1
ada x1
other x1
as x1
star, stellar
stellar x1
au x1
transforms the following verbthing into more of an adjective meaning, eg star > stellar etc. (of, -ic -like -y, ...)
of x1
ba x1 x2 x3
speak, talk, discuss, say, tell
x1 speaks to x2 about x3
badi x1
x1 is a body
badu x1 x2 x3
like, similar
x1 is like x2 as for x3
ban x1 x2
love, like
x1 loves/likes x2
bi x1
male, man
bibu x1
live, life
x1 lives
bu x1 x2
empty, void, bail, vacate, evacuate, sky, space, emptiness
x1 empties x2
da x1 x2 x3
give, gift, addition
x1 gives/adds x2 to x3
di x1 x2
x1 becomes x2
dima x1
x1 is a word
du x1 x2
be, equal, same
x1 is x2 (ie. they are the same thing)
duz x1
red, redness
red x1
ga x1
person, guy
x1 is a person
gi x1 x2 x3
cause, causation, because
x2 causes x3 to x1
gin x1
female, woman
female x1
gida x1 x2
year, age
x1 ages x2 years
gu x1
big, large, great
big x1
guis x1 x2
kind, genus, gender, genre
x1 is a kind/member of x2
i x1
I, me
my x1
is x1
exist, happen, thing, object
x1 exists
ka x1 x2
have, own, hold, possess
x1 has x2
kaku x1
true, truth
true x1
ki x1 x2
make, create
x1 makes x2
kis x1
hard, tough
hard x1
kisis x1 x2
stone, rock
x1 works x2 with a stone
ku x1
good, nice
good x1
kudi x1
run, current
x1 runs
ma x1
very, more
very x1
min x1
moon, lunar
lunar x1
mu x1 x2 x3
go, move
x1 goes to x2 from x3
mudu x1
die, death
x1 dies
na x1 x2
want, desire
x1 wants x2
ni x1 x2 x3
permit, may
x1 permits x2 to x3
nu x1
not, no
not x1
nugu x1
small, little, tiny
small x1
pa x1 x2
x1 can x2
pi x1
bad x1
pu x1 x2 x3
take, bring, drag, subtract
x1 takes x2 from x3
sa x1
sun, sunny, solar
sunny x1
si x1 x2
if x1, x2
ti x1
earth, ground, dirt
dirty x1
tin x1
time, pass, temporal
x1 passes
u x1
that, this, those, these, yon
that x1


English words which are compounds in Gaba